The Source Pattern

Meditating with the intention to discover a pattern to represent the blueprint of the pre-manifest world, I was gifted witness to a realm of light and pure form. The majority of forms resembled concentric circles, chevrons, and ornament. Sometimes the circles were spheres, strung like pearl strands, or spirals. The chevrons were either sharp or melty, and the ornamental shapes seemed to inevitably be swallowed by or born out of the other two elements. Additionally, there would be patches of grids and random pattern unrelated to these shapes, but these three elements seemed nearly exclusively form this realm of light.

This was the pattern I was looking for! I began drafting this realm, trying to replicate it in an accurate way that could be shared with others. Contemplating and studying these shapes on paper and canvas, my awareness of these shapes remained active even after my art sessions ended. With my eyes open to this pattern, I began to notice that a large portion of the reality we are enmeshed in could often be abstracted out into the three main forms I saw in the light realm.

Concentric circles, chevrons, and ornament can be seen in form in the world around us. Engaging the imagination with this in mind, one can look around and find these shapes in action in almost any environment. The realm of light seemed to be an archetypal bank of the premanifest; a world of pure potential before it is assigned a form. These three elements to me represent practical sacred geometry in action, a template by which objects perhaps come into most being easily, and maybe most beautifully. This perspective can be an uplifting reminder that we are light beings in a realm of light.

Meditation on the Symbols

Concentric Circles - Spirit, feminine, stillness, receptivity, cycles, container, birth point. Sometimes represented as spirals or spheres. Found commonly as eyes, cross sections of tree trunks/limbs/veins, CD's, planets, plates, speaker cones, candles in candle holders, shower heads and drains, ripples in water, cups with lids and straws, door knobs, lamps, etc.  

Chevrons - Mind, masculine, movement / motion / direction, structure, sometimes can be soft or melty. Found commonly as crown molding, heating/cooling vents, window and door frames, tree bark, wood grain, water flow, stacked browser and program windows in your computer screen, etc.  

Ornament - Body, form, life, union, expression. Commonly found as fabric decor, lettuce and other plant leaves, the way fabric falls, Victorian archetecture, visionary art, etc.


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