New Painting - The Path to Liberation

The Path to Liberation, 40"x30" acrylic & mandala sand on canvas

As the Tibetan Monks of the Gaden Shartse Monastery performed an opening prayer before beginning work on a sand mandala at CoSM, this vision occurred in a flash. My inner eye took me to the winding roads and landscape of my mind.

I could see my own darkness and ignorance, but then blessings in the form of light began to illuminate the landscape. These points of light were mantras emanating from an ultimate source of pure light that was the end of all of my delusions. The path was lit, and the way could be seen. The painting features a golden sanskrit OM, a symbol of truth and Spirit, illuminating the path nearest the viewer. The image is formed by my symbols for Source, concentric circles, ornament, and chevrons. The path and hills are glazed with sand from the dissolved mandala.

Special thanks to the Monks, Jon Ohia, & collector Joseph Piunti for the inspiration.

Prints available here, with proceeds going towards the Gaden Shartse Monastery:

May any merit generated by this painting be offered to the benefit & liberation of all beings.

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