Painting with Light & Amanda Sage

Painting with Light's class artshow in CoSM's library.

Thank goodness Amanda Sage came back to teach her Painting with Light workshop again at CoSM! I've been waiting for years to find the time to study with her and so glad that I did. She is as magnificent a teacher as she is a painter. The premise of her workshop is the Mische, or mixed, technique; an old master painting style taught to her through the Fuchs liniage. With her instruction, I was finally brave enough to try painting in oils -- see the results below!

Thanks to Amanda Sage, Illuminated Rose, & Jon Ohia for the photos.

Amanda Sage with the self portrait and live painting she created during her stay at CoSM.

Artist, Martin Cash, was Amanda's teaching assistant for the week. He's doing a demo here.

Charcoal sketch started for the self portrait of the class.

Amanda showing us how it's done.

Eileen "Rosie" Rose's equisite Hanuman painting. She is such an inspiration!

My first ever oil painting in progress! Looking forward to exploring this medium more.

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