Red Rocks

A top fantasy beyond what I ever imagined possible actually happened. Not only were Tipper, Ott, Alex & Allyson Grey, Randal Roberts, Morgan Mandala, Jonathan Singer, Android Jones, Aloria Weaver, David Heskin, Adam Psybe & others creating in one place at once, we were all making art at Red Rocks! The weekend was a bit of an extravaganza, opening at Cervatez Other Side to the sounds of the great Nominous, Kaminanda, & Mumukshu. It continued after the main event when we gathered again to witness Android's planetarium experience - glorious! All of the aforementioned artists are beyond worth the look, infinitely thankful to know them and to have had this experience with them.

Warming up with Randal and Morgan at Cervantez Otherside in Denver.

Rainbow over Red Rocks.

The maestros, Allyson Grey & Alex Grey at work by the light of Johnathan Singer.

The man himself -- Tipper!

Thanks to @morganmandala for posting.

Honored to paint with some of my favorite artists; Brian Scott Hampton, David Heskin, Aloria Weaver, Morgan Mandala, & Randal Roberts.

Android opening up his presentation projected on a planetarium in 3-D, the way his work was meant to be seen.

Precious moments in the studio of Randal and Morgan, working with my inatimate muse, Shirelle, rocking my new gear by Threyda. Thanks to @jonohia for the picture.

Walking in a Mandelbrot dream

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