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My mom says I started talking early. I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil.
My desire to synesthestetically depict ephemeral things was immediate; 



Shark and Shark Music ( Jaws Theme )  1994

Maybe it runs in the family? My great - great - great - great - great uncle is the celebrated American painter, George Caleb Bingham,1811 - 79. His paintings are exemplary of the Luminist Movement, a painting style that emphasizes the brilliance of light in nature. Find his paintings in the White House, Brooklyn Museum, or Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY.








I first learned about the subtle energy systems of the body when I was 8. My brother-in-law Chris was an acupuncturist and had Alex Grey's energy systems hanging in his office. I was skeptical of his claims, but it planted a seed that I never expected would grow so large...
















As a teenager, I had the opportunity to work with my brother-in-law, whose practice grew into producing homeopathic and vibrational medicine. The movie "The Secret" came out around that time. I started practicing yoga and martial arts, which both spoke of working with universal life-force energy. Together, these factors were beginning to open my mind to deeper aspects of reality.



The discovery of Taoism in 2009 led me to the desire to want to depict energy and consciousness through painting. I began intuitively muraling my home to explore this concept. This led to other murals, and live painting at clubs, festivals, and other events. I really liked the idea of freezing an impression of the energy around me in a visible way as a keepsake from a unique point in time.



Shooting for the Beef, George Caleb Bingham, Brooklyn Museum


Psychic Energy System, by Alex Grey


First live painting, Earth Dance 2010

Mural in Denver, 2012


Symbiosis Festival, 2012


My life aligned in such a way that I landed a work-study situation with Alex Grey. Alex is considered by many to be the artist to best depict (and popularize) images of the human energy body, and the greater field of cosmic energy in the West. From 2013 to 2017, I worked as the media tech and content creator for his art organization, CoSM, in New York's Hudson Vallery.

I helped run the blog, social media, design graphics (and an updated clothing line), arrange flowers and create event decor. In my spare time, I attended as many workshops as I could.
I would give talks about astrology at the Full Moon Gatherings and even hosted a couple of workshops myself. I live painted at over 100 events.


Speaking at a CoSM Full Moon Gathering


Note from Alex


Teaching at CoSM

Turns out, the Hudson Valley is a hot spot for energy healing practices. I experienced reiki, EFT, Sacred G, and Zero-Point methods - each with its own interesting results. This led to the discovery of Eric W. Thompson's Subtle Energy technology, which allows for customized energy healing to be broadcast form your phone or computer. 


In March 2019, I joined Eric's team at Subtle Energy Sciences as a content creator. At the time I'm writing this, I've authored more than 50 blogs and a couple thousand social media posts. The result of this effort is the growth of one of the largest social media networks based on the topic of subtle energy. 

For example, when I joined the team, our Instagram network had about 6,500 people. Today, it stands at more than 350K. It's been one of the great joys of my life to be able to contribute to the world's knowledge about a topic that has made such a profound impression on my life.


All of these years of experience have been distilled into my first book, A Subtle Energy Field Guide. Click here to get it.


I live in Southern California, creating paintings in my studio, posting about subtle energy + live painting, and helping with events at Lifted Veil Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

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